I’m an expert in online advertising for the travel industry.

I started my own travel agency and I’ve spent over $100.000 of my own money on Facebook Ads.

In 2012 I started a travel agency only for entrepreneurs. We have done trips with people from over 40 different countries and the project has been mentioned in some of the biggest media outlets around the world (like the fellas mentioned below). In other words; I know what it takes to create great ROI with Facebook Ads.

Why you should use and ads if you’re in the travel industry.

Being the biggest and most used social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to grow your brand, drive direct sales and to convert people who visited your site, but didn’t buy.

Facebook has always had a big focus on the travel industry and the travel industry has often been the first sector to get access to new features in the ads system. Some of the biggest travel brands are moving more and more budget to Facebook*, simply because it lets them attract people they have difficulty reaching on other platforms, while maintaining a very good return on investment.

Most decisions regarding traveling is based on research and are decisions that is taken over a bit of time and Facebook is a great tool to add touch points with potential customers, so people choose your company in the end.

Most decisions regarding traveling is based on research and are decisions that is taken over a bit of time and Facebook is a great tool to add touch points with potential customers, so people choose your company in the end.

A big study på AdEspresso** shows that companies in the travel industry often use very few of Facebook’s features and just use generic messages to a broad audience. I’m constantly testing new things and know every corner of the system, so I can utilize the system to create a better overall ROI for you.

*Source: Skift.com
**Source: AdEspresso.com

My background

My name is Nikolaj Astrup. I’m the guy behind Refuga and Tabei. Besides working in traveling myself, I’ve travelled full-time for the last 3 years trying to learn as much about the travel industry as possible.

From talking with small villa owners in Italy, to CMO’s of big, global hotel chains, speaking at industry events and running my own travel agency, I understand the dynamics, challenges and opportunities of the industry

Facebook as the tool

Before working in travel and deciding to dedicate my time to that industry, my background was in online marketing. I have over 10 years of experience with e-commerce management, SEO and managing large budgets for online marketing. You can see my experiences on LinkedIn here.

The last years, across industries I’ve worked in, I’ve seen the growing opportunities with Facebook and Facebook’s Ad system. In my own travel agency it’s been the key tool to spread the concept to exactly the right people across the whole world.

Over the last few years I have been more and more focused on Facebook’s Ad system. Besides allocating a big budget of my own money, I’ve also paid some of the best Facebook Ads specialists out there for private teaching and feedback.

I know what I do

I’ve been lucky shared my experiences about online marketing in the travel industry at some of the biggest events in the industry, including Business Travel Show in London and World Travel Market in both London and São Paulo.

The World’s most simple business model

I only do Facebook Ads management. I only do it for companies in the travel industry and I only do it for a maximum of 10 clients at the same time.

I don’t do any meetings but I answer emails within 48 hours. I do bigger updates on accounts twice per week, but smaller updates and checks four times per week (a lot of agencies will just check once per 10 days). I will send you a report in the first week of the month detailing all work and results. Less time talking, more time doing effective Facebook Ads.

My fee is a fixed amount that we agree on before starting out. You will always know what your expense is.

It’s pretty simple.

Why choose me?

  • I’m focused on results
  • I’m super focused on given you results and that’s a good ROI on the investment you’re doing. That’s the only thing that’s important and it’s how I’m measured.

  • Theres no retainer
  • There are no contracts and no obligation to stay on if you don’t see our partnership is creating value. We go on a month to month basis. If you want to quit, you just let me know at least 14 days before a new month starts

  • All the data is yours
  • If you want to cancel, hire someone else or do it yourself, you will have all data and you can build upon the account I’ve created. All data is always yours. I just get access to your account.

  • You got my full focus
  • I’m only focused on doing Facebook Ads and I only do it for the travel industry. Besides that I only do it for 10 customers at the time. That means deep insights into the industry and enough ressources to dig deep.

    Who is this for?

    I can help you if you’re in the travel industry. Wether you’re running a travel agency, airline or hotel and you want to allocate a part of your marketing budget to Facebook, then I can help you get the most out of your money.

    I only accept ten customers at the same time, because that allows me to dig deep, get to know the business case and make great results. Normally I can justify my fee and create a great case if you have a monthly budget of minimum $6000 allocated to Facebook.

    Are we a match?

    If you want to get started, just contact me right here and I will get back to you asap. The first step after contact is that I will ask you some questions (it will take around 15 minutes), to clarify if I can help you and to align expectations. In this conversation I will also tell you about how I work and the next steps.